to Dec 21


Students are encouraged to dress in festive dance clothes:  red, green, sparkles, bows… to celebrate the Holidays with games, music,

dancing, singing, tumbling, class photos, candy and FUNJ

Dance shoes will be worn as usual.


All students are invited to bring candy, cookies, snacks… to share with their classes.  Please remember NO NUTS of any kind at our studio…We have many students that are allergic.  Thank you for your cooperation.


**NEW:  The following classes listed below need a $5.00 GIFT exchange for a game we play called, “Rob your neighbor”!  Please wrap it with NO NAME. 

*Intermediate I – Tuesday 5:00 with AK

*Intermediate II – Monday 6:30 with ET/AT

*Intermediate III – Tuesday 5:00 with AK

*Intermediate IV – Wednesday 7:00 with AK

*Teen class – Wednesday 7:30 with AT

*Advanced classes – Tuesday & Wednesday 7:00 with MG/ET/AM

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