Please remember all of this is to give our students the experience of performing in a professional type show!  We all will look and dress the same to have a successful RECITAL!!   


Foundation:  Please match to your daughter’s skin tone, make it go all over the face to hair line, down past the jaw/neck line and blend in.  Powder works best for younger girls

Eyeshadow:  Brown on lids(not real dark brown just a light brown), then light pink eyeshadow up to the eyebrow.

Intermediate and Advanced dancers ONLY:  Dark Blue eyeshadow in the crease of the Eyelid, ONLY from the center to corner of the eye, so half of the eye.

Blush:  Pink tones, UP the cheekbones to hair line.  NO peach type colors because it doesn’t show up on stage.  IT will look like a lot, but it is so their faces can be seen with all the professional lighting😊

Eyeliner:  Black eyeliner on top and bottom, corner to corner of eye. The pencils work great!

Mascara: Black on top and bottom lashes.  For younger kiddos, having them squint and them move brush along the lashes works well.  We suggest waterproof mascara as well.

Eyelashes: (Intermediate & Advanced dancers ONLY)  

            Int I, Int II, Int III: Kiss Brand “Looks so Natural Shy” #252848

  has both of these online, in their stores or Amazon…

Int IV, V and Advanced:  Kiss Brand “Pompadour Blowout Lash  #2522870

Please put the eyelash glue on FIRST and let it dry a little before applying the lashes.  Eyeliner and mascara are applied AFTER the eyelashes, top & bottom.

Lipstick:  Red lipstick.  

Our male performers do NOT wear make-up in Recital.  

BUNS:  Teachers will go over the hair for other classes.

Middle part, all the way to back of head.  Swoop hair down by ears and then to a ponytail to the middle of the back of head, where knot is center of the head.  Use hair pins to secure bun as you twist into bun shape.  You must push hard against the head to keep it tight.  NEXT is the hair net, color of your daughter’s hair.  Wrap it around as many times as you can, not just laying it once on there. Use NUMREROUS hair pins AGAIN to secure the hair net to the bun and against the head.  You will need a lot of hair spray for NO WISPIES!!

REMINDERS for Photos, Dress Rehearsal, Recital…

·      Cut out ALL TAGS, strings…

·      Hang your costumes in a plastic, cloth… Hanging Bag

·      Label costume pieces, hair accessories and shoes(INSIDE only)

·      NO Fingernail or Toenail polish for Acro students

·      Tights purchased for YOU will only be worn for photos, dress rehearsal and Recital performances

We know this can be overwhelming for first time parents and students.  It will all be worth it, believe us.  This experience will leave you with memories to cherish as your children grow up.