• Attendance:  It is necessary that students attend classes on a regular basis for skill development. 
  • Cell Phones:  Students must turn their phones off during class. 
  • Class Cancellation:  Charmette reserves the right to change or cancel any offered classes due to lack of registration. 
  • Contact Information:  Please notify the front desk of any change in name, address and phone number. 
  • Contacting Your Child While He/She is in Class:  If you need to speak with your child during class, please call the Front Desk at (314) 962-2002, and our Front Office Staff will get a message to your child.  If you are in the Studio, please do not enter your child’s classroom during the class for any reason.  Please see the Studio Secretary, who wiill take care of your situation. 
  • Dress Code:  Students should wear some type of cover-up clothing and STREET SHOES when arriving and leaving the Studio.  Do NOT wear dance shoes from the car into the studio. 
  • Dropping Off: If you are dropping off your child for class, please do so with your vehicle facing WEST by the front door of the studio.
  • Food & Drink:  No food and drink in the dressing rooms.
  • Lost Items:  Each student is responsible for their own personal belongings.  Charmette is not responsible for any lost or stolen items and recommends that all shoes and dancewear be marked on the INSIDE with your child’s name.  Any items that are left behind at the Studio will be placed in a Lost & Found box kept in the Charmette office.  Please ask at the Front Desk to look through the box and claim any lost items. 
  • Inclement Weather:  If you are unsure of Studio closings due to bad weather, please check the home page (www.charmette.net) of the Charmette Academy of Dance & Acrobatics Web site or call the studio at (314) 962-2002. 
  • Drop Off:  If you are dropping your child off, please let them out next to the curb so they do not have to walk through the busy parking lot.
  • Picking Up:  Please have your child wait INSIDE the Studio until you have arrived to pick them up.  This is to ensure their safety. 
  • Playroom / Student Lounge:  Please take advantage of the Playroom and Student Lounge.  However, there can be no running, throwing of toys, loud talking, etc.  Please throw away all trash and pick up after yourselves. 
  • Smoking Policy:  Please remember that the entire Studio is a smoke-free environment. 
  • Strollers:  NO strollers are allowed in the Studio due to limited space in the viewing area. 
  • Trash:  Trash cans are located in the Student Lounge and Dressing Room.  Please throw away trash and pick up after yourselves.  Help keep our studio clean!! 
  • Viewing Area:  You are welcome to use the Viewing Area to watch your child during class.  Please remember to keep your feet off the walls and window sills.  All food and refreshments MUST remain in the Student Lounge. 
  • Visiting Children:  Parents are expected to be responsible for their children when at the Studio.  ALL visiting children must have adult supervision while in the Studio.