Class calendar

Charmette offers dance classes from September through June; select dance classes and week-long summer intensive programs in July; and occasional workshops year-round that feature dance instruction from local and national guest-teachers.

Class offerings

Following is an overview of the types of dance classes that Charmette offers, accommodating the beginner, the advanced and all dancers in between. If you are unsure about which dance class is best for your child, please contact the studio or make a comment on your dance class registration form. The studio directors will provide you with recommendations. 

Most dancers will start in a class with other dancers their own age, but the directors will also consider prior experience and ability level to ensure that your child is challenged, but not overwhelmed. Once a student is taking classes at the studio, the directors will assess and advance each student based on his or her own development. 

Mommy & Me / Daddy & Me Dance Classes

These classes are a great way to introduce small children (18 months - 2 1/2 years) to the world of dance in a friendly, comfortable environment. Our 45-minute dance lessons focus on movement activities, music and creative expression that result in a special experience for parent and child.  

Pre-dance (Preschool) Combination Dance Classes

Specifically for 3- and 4-year-old children, our preschool Pre-Dance Combination Classes introduce students to ballet, tap and basic tumbling.

Beginner Combination Dance Classes

The 1 ½ hour Beginner Combination Classes are designed for five- to eight-year-old students. Dance instruction focuses on mastering combinations and vocabulary of basic ballet, jazz and tap steps. Dancers improve stamina, core skills, technique and rhythm. 

Intermediate Combination Dance Classes

As a student’s skill progresses, he/she will move through our 2-hour intermediate-level dance classes. Students at these levels begin taking separate tap classes and limit their instruction in the combination classes to ballet, jazz and lyrical movements, with increasing levels of difficulty. 

Pre-teen and Teen Beginner Combination Dance Classes

Charmette offers 1 ½ hour dance lessons designed for the beginning pre-teen dancer who has never had a class or is returning to dance after a long break. Instructors teach beginner steps and combinations in ballet, jazz and tap.  

Adult Ballet & Jazz Combination Dance Classes

Charmette offers an Adult Ballet & Jazz Combination class that teaches proper technique and various combinations of ballet and jazz steps.  The class can be utilized as a terrific exercise program for adults who want to maintain or enhance their flexibility, balance and coordination. 

Barre Classes 


Specialty Classes

Acrobatics Classes

Five levels of classes focused on flexibility, control and strength for children 5 and older.

Ballet & Pointe Dance Classes

Intermediate and Advanced levels of enhanced ballet training to improve connecting skills and begin Pointe work. 

Lyrical Dance Classes and Contemporary / Modern Dance Classes

Expanded instruction with contemporary dance movements set to more contemporary music. 

Tap Dance Classes

Four levels of Intermediate and Advanced level classes focused on more technical skills and more advanced tap combinations.

Hip Hop Dance Classes

Three levels of street-style dancing with popular music for beginners through Advanced levels.  
A combination of expression and acting with different styles of dance.  

Musical Theater Dance Classes

A combination of expression and acting with different styles of dance.