Meet St. Louis' Best Dance Instructors and Staff


All of the dance instructors at Charmette are both great teachers and performers. Their professional training and expertise is carefully matched with classes in specific genres and with students of appropriate age and skill levels.

Charmette is proud to have some of the best dance instructors, all of whom are highly qualified and experienced, enabling the studio to provide students with instruction superior to YMCA and community recreation dance programs, as well as many other St. Louis dance studios.

  • The majority of our dance instructors are members of, and certified by, Dance Masters of America.

  • Every instructor participates in annual workshops and master classes to maintain and improve their dancing and teaching techniques.

  • More than half have college degrees in dance or education.

  • Many are dancing or have previously danced with professional companies.

Our instructors teach through positive, supportive reinforcement and are focused on providing a caring, loving, and educational atmosphere in which your child can learn and excel. They are committed to sharing their love of dance with every student while providing discipline, encouragement, inspiration and motivation. 

Overall, the goal of the instructors at Charmette is to help every student become a skilled dancer and an even stronger individual with self-esteem, confidence, poise and grace.